Canada, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic
Mireille Theriault, Quebec, Canada imported 350 dozes of semen from 3 Essie rams. 242 ewes were AI’d over 4 Pedigree flocks. “The first ewes gave birth to 77 lambs and globally we have fertility results over 70%. We are very happy with the quality of the semen....and the lambs too.”

Dominiqu Brisson, Quebec, was so pleased with Essie lambs that she visited the flock and ordered more semen. She has 180 Pedigree Suffolks and 1200 Suffolk/Romanov Dorset ewes.“I am totally delighted with your lambs. They are very beautiful and strong. They are exactly the vision of my breeding. 2013.”

“Official weighing 2016 – Essie rams sired lambs to 121 lbs at 83 days. That’s wonderful! Thank you very much to move my genetics.” Kathy and Glen Parke.